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Programmatic Digest's podcast

Jul 12, 2022

We welcome Alexus Smith of IAB to the Sensei’s corner. Alexus is a Project Manager at IAB, which equips the media and marketing industries to excel in the digital economy. In today’s episode, Alexus and I discuss project management and event planning in the programmatic advertising industry and what is required to plan a major event in our industry.


01:26 - Alexus’ Introduction

03:38 - What is Project Management? A Simplified Definition.

09:33 - Alexus’ Favorite Part of Program Planning

11:27 - What is a Communication Plan?

15:06 - Alexus’ Superwoman Moment

21:00 - Three Things to Consider When Planning & Managing an Event

25:55 - Networking Tips for Introverts

31:29 - Alexus’ Journey

34:49 - Skills Needed to Be a Project Manager

38:44 - Alexus’ Weekly Self-Care


Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Alanna Foxx Affirmation Videos:  Youtube

Fabiana Ferrarini Queen Warriors Workout Program: Website | Instagram


Guest Information:

  • Alexus Smith - Project Manager at IAB

Meet Our Team: