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Programmatic Digest's podcast

Apr 4, 2023

It’s the final episode of our Programmatic Ninja Well-being Series, and Brett is joining us to share his programmatic wisdom on how to grow in your career.  We outline how to develop key specific skills from a junior level to senior to director. What better way to end this series than sharing tips on how you can level up your programmatic game and climb the ladder. Join Brett and Helene as they share how you can move from junior to senior to director level effectively.


About Us:

Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media buying and find a dream job. 

We do so by providing on-demand lessons via the Reach and Frequency™️ program, a dope community with like-minded programmatic experts, and live free and paid group coaching. 

Hélène Parker has over 10 years of experience in programmatic media buying, servicing agencies and brands in activation, strategy and planning, and leadership.  She now dedicates her time to recruiting and training programmatic traders while consulting companies on how to grow and scale a programmatic department. 

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00:00:25 - Recap of the previous episodes in this series

00:01:24 - In the first years of your programmatic career

00:02:17 - 2 Wins and A Challenge

00:11:41 - How to distinguish between Junior and Senior level

00:14:38 - The upgrades list you need to know as you climb up the corporate ladder

00:22:10 - Helene’s thoughts about Brett’s list

00:27:04 - The communication piece

00:28:45 - Master Troubleshooting

00:29:53 - The biggest difference between a Senior and Director level

00:34:21 - Most people leave due to poor leadership

00:38:50 - The moment experience matters

00:41:49 - Something Directors are lacking and how to fix it

00:47:55 -Directors need to have a learning mindset

00:51:36 - Limitation between urgency and productivity

00:55:07 - How to connect with Brett Middleton

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